Joefer N bAUTISTA* is one of the best new style portrait, video, aerial and landscape style video/photographer in Los Angeles, California. As a contractor, he puts a team together to assure they meet their goal's. His clients work with him because of his different and dramatic lighting effects. Very Family oriented. Joefer started his career in photography in his high school years just taking snap shots with his film camera with all his friends and family. Joefer is so professional, detailed, creative and clever with all type's of projects. So, he started this web site called atsituab. A lot of people ask him how did you get that web site name… if you look closely it’s his last name spelled backward, now that some creative and clever thinking I may say. You can find him residing in Los Angeles California. Where, when and what bAUTISTA/ATSITAUb and his crew will do next...we have yet to find out.
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